Wheelhouse 360 was formed by Skip McKee in early 2011. After having had the privilege of working at one of the most highly regarded advertising agencies in the country, directing new business and account service for an award winning design firm, and growing up making proofs and pasting down galleys as a teenager, Skip has had more than a lengthy history in the marketing communications segment.

We’ve built Wheelhouse 360 on two things that we feel matter immensely, no matter where you sit.

Relationships and responsibility.

Something about the design and marketing business has always been a place of wonderment for us. What if organizations only paid for the hands that actually touched their projects? What if the overhead that has to be carried into the bottom line cost of a project only represented the skill sets necessary to execute that task? We’ve built a business model that precisely answers that query.

We never lose sight of what it means to play your position and why we’re in the game in the first place. Our goal is to be a better partner. All day, every day.

Great work, great people. Wheelhouse 360.